Making Business Partnerships Work

Making a Partnership Work

Optimize your partnership for business growth

In a partnership with no partnership agreement?

Why enter into one now?

Communication tools you can use

Life happens, how to adapt your partnership

Keeping your partnership agreement relevant

Partners have the opportunity to bring shared skills and resources to lead a team, grow a company, and make a big difference in the marketplace as well as in the lives of their customers and employees. This requires communication, coordination and collaboration. When partners are aligned and work together, they empower exponential growth.

When partners aren’t aligned, coordinated and communicating well, employees are confused and less productive, clients get mixed messages, resources are not optimized and leadership lacks direction.

Life happens and things change. The business environment goes up and down.  Partners get attracted to new opportunities. Their ability to give time and effort to the business may change as well as the compensation they want to take from the business. Your partnership has to be adaptive and regularly reviewed.

This ebook will help you learn the tools and strategies that partners can use to grow business, adapt to change and keep their partnership healthy and relevant. You’ll benefit from the authors’ 78 years of combined experience both as legal and consulting professionals as well as owners in small business partnerships.

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  • You’ll learn brain-based communication tools from Conversational Intelligence®, one of the five fastest growing business trends identified in Inc. magazine
  • You’ll prevent small issues from escalating into major problems
  • You’ll keep your partnership healthy and adaptable to current situations through an Annual Partner Review.
  • You’ll learn what questions the partners should ask each other at the Annual Partner Review.
  • If you started your partnership without a partnership agreement, you’ll learn why investing in one now protects you, your business, your family. You’ll learn how to prevent a lot of future heartache, expense and stress.

From The eBook...

There are 9 questions we recommend you use during your Partnership Annual Review. Here are 2. “Do we both enjoy the roles we’re each playing in the business? As we go through next year’s planning process, what might change about the roles we play? (considering growth goals, restructuring goals, etc.) The rest can be found on page 16

From The eBook...

Case Study: “A, B and C were directors of a non-profit focused on the arts. Their titles were founding director, executive director and artistic director. They couldn’t get along and they were critical of each other. Their perceptions about each other were full of unmet expectations, hurt feelings, anger, and resentment. There was confusion about their roles. Some individuals on the Board of Directors were taking sides. The organization was at a standstill.” Find out how this was resolved on Page 30

From The eBook...

Learn 5 tools to enhance your communication and grow your business For Instance: “Double-clicking, like we do with a computer mouse, goes deeper into what people mean. Double-click on the word ‘leadership’ or ‘success’ and you’ll find many different meanings. It pays to find out just what people mean so you can come to a shared meaning.” Page 17-19


“The special thing about Jeri and this ebook is that she and her partners actually built and sold a company themselves. There is no greater experience to help other entrepreneurs. I think that the ultimate credential of a business coach for partnerships is having been a successful entrepreneur/partner themselves. Jeri can walk the walk and talk the talk. I highly recommend.”
Maurice Perdreau, CEO, So You Know LLC

The Business Divorce Institute, From Prevention to Finalization

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  • How your healthy partnership fosters business growth
  • How you can get out of a seemingly hopeless business partnership
  • The details of forming, growing or breaking up a business partnership

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