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Forming One, Growing One, Ending One

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Want the benefits of partnerships while reducing the risk?

At your wits’ end with a bad partner and wanting out?

The authors? An attorney and a business coach/consultant who have had real life experience as partners in their own small businesses

Forming A Business Partnership

Benefits & risks, do I really need partner(s)?

Who is a good fit? 16 questions to ask

What to include in the partnership agreement

Protecting yourself right from the start

Alternatives to equity-sharing

Make A Business Partnership Work

How to optimize your partnership for business growth

Communication tools you can use

Life happens, how to adapt your partnership

Keeping your partnership agreement relevant

Breaking Up A Business Partnership

Shall we break up?

Five ways to end a partnership

What if my partner is not willing to split up?

Should I consider litigation?

What can I expect if we break up?

The Business Divorce Institute, From Prevention to Finalization

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Who is this eBook For?

  • An entrepreneur wondering if taking on a business partner is a wise move
  • A business owner whose partnership is falling apart and wants to know whether to stay or to go
  • A business partner who feels trapped in a difficult situation and definitely wants out
  • A business partner who wants to maximize the partnership for business growth
  • A spouse of a business partner who is impacted by problems inside the business partnership
  • A child or grandchild of a business partner wondering about transition issues
  • An advisor to business owners, for instance: CPA, financial planner, investor, divorce attorney, banker, estate and trust attorney, business valuation expert, intellectual property attorney, CFO, insurance professional, therapist, teacher of business courses, business coach/consultant, business attorney

From The eBook...

“We believe that there is simply not enough guidance for business owners who choose to partner. The lack of support for business owners is what inspired us to write this book. Our goal is to provide a manual covering the entire process” Page 3

From The eBook...

“After working with thousands of business owners, you learn that it is as easy as a handshake to get into a partnership, but it can be very painful/time-consuming – and expensive – to get out of one.” Page 8

From The eBook...

Case Study: “A and B own a software company. A owns 51% and B owns 49%. One day B comes to work and he’s been terminated without cause and has been locked out of the company’s offices.” Find out how this was resolved on Page 31


“I really liked The Real World Scenarios . The titles were catchy and the succinct details of each case brought the whole book to life.”
Larry, Utilities Industry

“This EBOOK is much needed, since I found precious little written on the topic at the time I was looking for it. I had no idea the behaviors being perpetrated on me were illegal or that I had legal recourse. The most important thing in my experience was the knowledge and understanding of the law that you communicated to me: That I was absolutely protected under the law, and also that I was the natural buyer. This gave me tremendous strength.”
Randy, Marketing Company

“The ebook’s takeaway is: Think very carefully before choosing a business partner, including whether you even need one. If things are going right and there is no written agreement, avoid future misunderstandings and conflict by putting one in place. If things are going wrong, get professional help to repair. If things have gone past the point of repair, legal recourse is available.”
Ray, Software Company

“The flow chart on page 7 totally sets the stage for the book’s premise and purpose. Information of this type is very much needed within the small business community, as many entrepreneurs have little knowledge of these topics. The combination of communication, legal, and business organizational strategies is unique and creative, as well as enhances the readability of the book. Kudos to you and Richard for producing such a worthwhile publication!”
Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA/PFS, CFP

“This book is long overdue. There isn’t anything quite like it, as it tackles the complex issues in an easily understandable, yet thorough way. Understanding the human dynamics, along with the business pragmatics makes for compelling reading. I highly recommend it to professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in-the-making.”
Bruce D. Stout, President, The Rainmakers Forum

The Business Divorce Institute, From Prevention to Finalization

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  • How to save money, time and stress by preparing yourself
  • How to protect yourself and your family
  • How your healthy partnership fosters business growth
  • How you can get out of a seemingly hopeless business partnership
  • The details of forming, growing or breaking up a business partnership

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Meet The Authors....

Jeri Quinn, CBC

Jeri at Driving Improved Results works with leaders, emerging leaders and organizations as a communications expert with a practice focused on neuroscience, often serving as an organizational or executive coach.

Richard Lambert, ESQ.

For more than 20 years, Richard Lambert has been specializing in the emerging field of Business Divorce, helping clients extricate themselves from difficult and sometimes debilitating partnership relationships.

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Business Divorce Institute, From Prevention to Finalization

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